The BREAST Access and Management Committee (BAMC)

The Committee is responsible for decision making, strategy setting, determining access and adhering to the scheduled funding agreement(s) and deliverables of BREAST. The Committee will focus on how BREAST generated data can be optimised in terms of access, reach, and impact upon research and clinical practice in Australia and beyond. Applications for access to BREAST data for will be reviewed and administered by BAMC.

The BAMC is made up of the Director of BREAST, 1 secretariat, 4 scientific advisors, 1 clinical advisor, and 1 consumer representative.

The current membership is:

  • Prof Sarah Lewis (Academic Director of BREAST, University of Sydney)
  • Dr Mel Robinson (BREAST manager and secretariat, University of Sydney)
  • Prof Patrick Brennan (University of Sydney)
  • Prof John Hopper (University of Melbourne)
  • A/Prof Carolyn Nickson (University of Melbourne)
  • A/Prof Claudia Mello-Thoms (University of Iowa)
  • Dr Mary Rickard (Sydney Breast Clinic)
  • Ms Gai Grayson (Breast Cancer Network Australia)
  • Dr Nalini Bhola (BreastScreen Australia)
  • Dr Jennie Noakes (BreastScreen Australia)



Click here for the committee Terms of Reference.


BREAST Manager
Susan Wakil Health Building, The University of Sydney, NSW, 2006
+61 2 8627 1805