The data generated by BREAST are de-identified and used for further research in the fields of radiology performance, perception science, medical imaging technologies, breast imaging optimisation, and other domains.

The resources of BREAST are open to researchers from a wide range of institutions such as Universities, medical research institutes, and industry research groups subject to conditions outlined in this Access Policy. Applications from international research groups will be considered. Applications will be assessed by the BREAST Access and Management Committee (BAMC).

What resources are available?

Researchers are invited to apply for access to:

  • Mammography cases (de-identified images) in DICOM and JPEG format.
  • Screen reader data in the form of (de-identified) scores, test set selections, and survey answers.
  • Access to the BREAST Mobile Imaging Platform with mammography PACS workstation.

Download the BREAST Policy Document here
Download the BREAST Resource Access Form here
For more information about the BREAST resource for research, please contact us.


BREAST Manager
Susan Wakil Health Building, The University of Sydney, NSW, 2006
+61 2 8627 1805