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Prof Sarah Lewis, Academic Co-Director

Prof Sarah Lewis’s research is in medical imaging, specifically breast and lung cancer imaging. She has a primary focus in understanding how new technological imaging developments, such as Phase Contrast and Artificial Intelligence (AI), change the nature of radiology service provisions, such as screening programs, and the performance of the humans who use them.  Sarah’s research translates laboratory findings into clinical practice through changes in behaviour of practitioners, such as radiologists and radiographers.

Dr Yun Trieu, Academic Co-Director

Yun’s research aims to exploring innovative algorithms to improve the detection of early clinical indicators of malignancy on medical images and  a cost-effective method for clinicians, educators and medical students to build portable mammogram reading workstations that suit with the remote delivery of high-quality training and education. Her current work is focused on developing individualized mammogram training test sets and she also leads BREAST’s research and training activities in Vietnam.

Dr Zhengqiang (Howard) Jiang, Postdoctoral researcher

Howard has recently joined the BREAST team as a postdoctoral researcher, working on the new NBCF grant that explores the use and effectiveness of AI in breast screening. With a strong machine learning background, Howard is aiming to utilise a current AI model and adapt it for breast screening capabilities.

Dr Mel Robinson, Program Manager

Mel is the project manager for BREAST. She has extensive knowledge in various research fields, with over 15 years experience in conducting research, project management and finances. She also holds a Level 1 accreditation for research management (ARMS), bringing a range of skills to manage and support the BREAST research program.

Dr Dania Abu Awwad, Academic researcher

Dania is a lecturer and researcher in medical imaging sciences, with her current research focused on breast imaging, chest pathology and evidence-based practice in radiography. Her radiographer background and skillset are a wonderful addition to the BREAST team.

Jayden Wells, Research Assistant

Jayden is currently enrolled in the medical degree at The University of Sydney, following his honours in Chemistry. With his background in science and high-level data analysis capabilities, Jayden adds great research skills to the BREAST team as our casual research assistant.

Dr Natacha Borecky, Research Affiliate

Dr Natacha Borecky has extensively worked the field of radiology with a special interest in Breast Imaging.  She currently works for the Sydney Breast clinic and for BreastScreen NSW, TAS, NT and is the designated radiologist for BreastScreen NT and Norfolk. She has contributed in the creating the Gold Coast and Leura Test set for BREAST and participated in several studies with The University of Sydney.

Dr Jennie Noakes, Research Affiliate

Dr Jennie Noakes is currently the designated radiologist for the Northern Sydney LHD and BreastScreen. She has extensive knowledge and experience in this area and extremely excited to have her on board. She has contributed to creating our recent Junior training test set for BREAST, along with a fellow colleague Dr Bruno Giuffre.



Associated Researchers

Prof. Patrick Brennan

Patrick is an award-winning Professor of Medical Imaging Sciences and researcher with a focus on medical imaging optimisation and radiological perception. He co-directed BREAST from 2011-2019 and is now Chief Investigator on a BREAST research project.

Dr. Ziba Gandomkar

Ziba’s research interests include computer-aided medical image analysis, machine learning, deep learning, image perception, and computer-aided detection and diagnosis tools. Her current work involves developing an innovative breast cancer risk prediction model using radiologist’s “gist response”.

Dr Amir Tavakoli Taba

Amir is a lecturer and is working on the clinical implementation of phase-contrast technology as a novel low-dose high-quality 3D modality for breast imaging. His research interests include image perception and personal and social factors pertaining to observer performance. He leads BREAST’s research and training activities in Iran.

Dr. Tong Li

Tong’s research interest covers epidemiology, breast cancer screening, breast density and digital breast tomosynthesis. Her previous work was around developing new test sets and leading BREAST’s research and training activities in China.

Dr. Ernest Ekpo 

Ernest is a lecturer and his research interests include breast density, breast cancer biomarkers, optimisation of breast cancer detection, medical image perception, dose optimisation, radiographic and ultrasound image interpretation, and novel radiological tools for breast composition analyses and image display.

Mrs. Somphone (Ling) Siviengphanom

Ling was previously the Project Manager for the Gist projects within BREAST. Her expertise in finance, strategic planning and management enables the NBCF and NHMRC-funded projects to achieve the team’s objectives and reach project milestones. She is currently completing her PhD in cancer research using the BREAST platform.

Mr. Dennis Wong

Dennis is an HDR student and uses BREAST data for his current project. His thesis and research interests include eye tracking and the use of computer aided-diagnostics for breast density differentiation.

Mrs Judith David Akwo

Judith is a PhD student for BREAST. Her current study is investigating the usefulness of priors in breast screening. This study is currently looking for volunteers to undergo two small test sets over a 3-month period.


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