BREAST Newsletter May 2023: Edition 5

We started 2023 with a bang! In this May issue, we highlight our success in our two most recent events: our first online webinar and our in-person workshop at BIG in Adelaide. Firstly, our inaugural webinar was extremely successful, with over 100 attendees for the full 2 hours, a special thanks to Dr Garvin Williamsz for hosting this event and look forward to setting up another one soon. The BREAST team also had wonderful success at our first Breast Imaging Meeting since 2019, with so many readers come to do test sets at the conference. It would not have been possible without the support from the BIG organisers, Kathy Nightingale and team, who very kindly covered all the venue’s expenses for us. We also like to thank LG/Regional health who supported our team with the new equipment to run the workshop.

In this current newsletter, we also mention a few presentations of BREAST research at SPIE in San Diego, our latest successful publications with some available freely online to read, as well as asking for volunteers to get involved in our upcoming studies. Lots to read in this issue, so enjoy!


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